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Jun 1, 2010 | 5:51 PM | 0 hearts ♔

thank you so much to Azureen who has helped me, putting back my skins. Reen and i has been struggling so much. thank god we had enough patience to bear with the lagging and all. so, there. i had my skin back.

thank goodness, i survived in during history lesson today. today's lesson was making me DYING! but good that i didnt fall a sleep in any lesson. did slacked in english period. hehehe! i die a little inside in me, when mr ong talked about shazwan's case during chem peroid. he still had the guts to say, what shazwan did was vicious. i was like, "hey. he's not that bad. just that circumstances force him to." hmm. ): so, today ended at 1230pm. went to history's extra class. then cabot from coursework. went home. took a bath. ate then kak ina came. i thought she already left to kak adnin's place. so, went to dressed up and left at 3pm. took the bus at AP. dropped at sengkand mrt and took another bus to kak adnin's place. sat awhile. at 5pm, left to Lucky Plaza. met kak ila and start to put on the candles on the cake. after that, we went aunty aisah's workplace and sang loudly to her. (: then she left from her workplace and we went off back to the kak adnin's car. well the funny part cames in this time when we all squuuueeezed like.. really squeezed. HAHA. i sat infront with kak ina and my leg was super crammp. then the behind seat was more worst. nadia, amyrah and amysha was the only kids then behind was like tin sardine! hahahahha. really cramped. but luckily it was near. we went mustapha centre, shop for some stuffs. then went to little india and eat at Banana Leaf. sedaap sia the chicken. :D and i ate quite alot. hehehe.

i just knew from nenek that we're leaving tomorrow at 12midnight. D: mum was like, "go and pack your bag laa." my heart was like so heavy to leave tomorrow. furthermore Love was like sad from just now. ): im dying inside. D: Oh! And happy supposed-2yrs-anni, Satfira. 030608-030109.

i think i cant make a post tomorrow. so, i'll say it now. goodbye, lovelings. (: dont miss me and have fun in s'pore kay. :P i'll miss you people. and for Love, dont sad sad b. i'll be back soon. just smile and have fun. <3
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