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Jun 21, 2010 | 11:11 AM | 0 hearts ♔

Yesterday was boring. Plan to meet Anna was cancelled. Therefore, it will be postphone to Wednesday or Friday. Cause they all had to split up to meet someone. So, homed from Cik Asiah's place at 4plus in the afternoon. Then, refresh myself. On the phone with Love. Slept for awhile. Went to Lot One and picked up mum from her workplace. Had sundae at Mcd.

Have you guys heard about Illuminati? Im gonna tell you now. And you gotta believe me. Its actually a secret society that is trying to influence us like damn long tome ago. I cant explain how it works. But you should get an idea of it by searching through Youtube. It has alot of it. And it is also to be said that 9/11 was already planned by the Illuminati, George Bush and Osama. It was planned like long looooooong ago. This secret society is trying to control us and influence us through media mass, artists and movies. The scary part is, artists like Rihanna, Daddy Yanke and Michael Jackson is also part of it. And cartoons like spongebob and simpons is one of them too! It can be revealed in most of their programmes or songs. And im not making up stories. You guys should go Youtube-ing them. Their symbol, a pentagon, its almost everywhere in the world. And this is serious cause they could control our mind! It is also said in 2012, a New World Order will be made. And, the NWO have made a conspiracy with the Illuminati. Can you see how it will effect us?? Theis secret society is trying to take over the world, not only by mass media but also brand's name and food. Therefore, if you think Mcdonalds is damn delicious, its because they have added addictive ingredients in the foods such as MSGs. I cant really explain it. But, yeah. Its happening in the world. And its bad cause Illuminati its also helding Satanic Spirituals. :O

Later at 6pm will be having camp! :D cant wait for it. I've made up my mind on what to wear for dinner. And i'll be overnight at school with Efa. Cant wait to meet Love on Tuesday. He's having NCC camp. Weeeee~

Miss you, Love you, Need you, Want you.
Dont forget what you owe me. :P

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