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Jun 18, 2010 | 12:30 AM | 0 hearts ♔

Yesterday was very a looooong day, i supposed. Woke up at 8plus, dressed up and all. Took train to Bedok with mum. Ate, walked, chatted. She went to find something. Met dad at 1230. At 130, we left. Mum straight to work. At 3pm, i went to meet Efa, Hanisah, Emy and Anna. Passed Anna the money and planned to go out with her on Sunday. Efa said, we can wear home clothes for the dinner. Canteeeeek. ^^ At 415pm, i left to work. And that shit phone, died half way while i was texting Love. Bagos, aku sukeee. -.- Dah charge pon, takde gune. I was late but apparently, nobody scolded me. :D Then, took calls. Chatted with Hider aand Junkai. The time was soooo damn slow sia. At 10pm, homed. Waited for mum to bring food. Slept at 1145pm. And today, i woke up late. So, everything was delayed. -.- i dont know if the plan to fly kite is still on. The weather doesnt looks good. ): maybe we had to postphone again, twin?

Great, Wan's court hearing is postphone! :D

Yeah, im not a good girlfriend cause i upset you. And i guess, you didnt reply my goodnight text last night to make me feel how you felt when i fell asleep during in the middle of our conversations. Well, it didnt matter to me. I dont know why you're showing me that attitude after i said i wont be meeting you. Maybe, i was in the wrong. Too busy with everything and all. That we couldnt spend more time together. But, i am. I am trying my best to make up time for us. For every little time we had. And yesterday, i did wanted to meet you. But my friend called last minute to meet up and passed somethings to her. And even that, i only managed to meet them pathetically 45mins? I would have meet you up earlier if i didnt followed my mum. But she was begging me to follow her since that Wednesday night. And of course, i didnt have the heart to reject her. I really really wanted to meet you up today after kite flying. But you had soccer. So, fineee. Okay. I have no idea whats up with your Facebook posts. If im in the wrong, somewhere, tell me. Tell me what i have done. I tried to talk to last night but you switched off your phone. Probably, already sleeping. Or just, too pissed off. And i knew, you're already awake now. But, you didnt text me yet. So, probably you're waiting for me to text you first. Yeah, fine. I will, soon. Just, tell me what have i done wrong and we could talk about it. I dont like this silence thingy or, whatever its called. Yeah, im done.

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