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In this game of masquerades I always play the last card.

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Jun 15, 2010 | 8:45 PM | 0 hearts ♔

you can never stop people from talking negatively about you. but you can make them eat what they have said, and see them choke to death.

that is for you. haha, dont terase kay? hha. so, after dnt class, i went to meet Love under my block since he was allowed to leave home. was a bit late, or should i say VERY late? haha. then talked with him, played bubble gum, laughed. im so head over heels about him. :DD then, went homed. had a quick lunch, i was so hungry like a pig. D: changed and went to aunty aisah's crib. at around 4 plus, went to cwp with bibik, amysha and amyrah. amyrah was soooo noisy. hahahah! then walked around the mall, bibik looked for shoes and necklace but didnt bought it. went Mcd. Love was at civic centre library. after eating, amyrah was like so activee. every kiddy rides she saw, she will climb on it. -.- after that, went to see some toys at Kiddy Palace. bibik wanted to buy the aeroplane with the remote control thingy. she told about her children and village, i really pity her.. then, im sooooo tired. luckily bibik wanted to go home. after exited from cwp, saw Love and friends from behind. so, i whistle and ya. they saw me. took the bus with Haziq and Hariez. borrowed Haziq 10cents as i had no more coins. hahha. went WM for while. accompanied reen to buy her Magnum Gold ice-cream. nice siaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. ^^ its worth the 4bucks. now, im at aunty aisah's home and this headache is killing meee! DD:

If i could just see you,
Everything would be alright.


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