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Jul 5, 2010 | 11:56 AM | 0 hearts ♔

The 200th post in a year and the half. (: i think i need to blog more often. So, anyway. Yesterday didnt met Love. He went JB with his family. End up, i played games with my uncle. He bought a lot of durians. I ate alot of it that my throat was heating. Hahaha. Then in the evening, i read Breaking Dawn. Fell asleep awhile.When i woke up, there was a bottle of Coke. So, everyone was gulping for the Coke. Then continued playing Iphone games with my uncle. Hear them telling stories. Then, suddenly they were talking about Magnum Gold. I just knew i wasnt Halal. Got some alcohol thingy. But the one in M'sia is Halal, though. Then suddenly, they were talking about Wall's ice cream. So my brother followed them to Shop N Save to buy Double Dutch. Best siaaa! Got marshmellow inside. Yummm! ^^

So, here's the plan for today. Meeting Sarah at 2plus to accompany her to do her ezlink. Then going library to study with Miss Chitra and Reen. Then meeting Love afterwards. Hmm, i miss him already. ):

Even if he doesnt like me tomorrow,
I knew he loved me yesterday.


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