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Jul 13, 2010 | 9:51 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Hi, Blogger. Rindu aku tak? Haha. Well, to be honest Blogger. I will prefer Tumblr. But since we've been three years together, i wont dumped you okay? Hehe. Actually, what i love about Tumblr is just the picture quality and you just gotta reblog. Hope you'll upgrade in few more year, Blogger. (:

Today was okay. Just an okay cause i was dying in English and Bio class. :/ But, im a good student mah. Dont wanna sleep in class anymore. Gotta be more discipline. So, after school had DNT. Almost 3/4 done. Left Presentation board and Journal. Sigh. A month more to submission. Lagy aku stress dohhhh.

Ego, sak. Why turn the whole thing round when its your fault eh? -.-

I'll be the bright side of your bad day.


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