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Jul 31, 2010 | 10:35 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Posting for 30 July 2010.

I love how to make me smile. I love how you make me laugh. I love how you bring the butterflies in my stomach. I love how you hold my hand. I love how you look into my eyes. I love how to the way you touch me. I love how to poke me. I love how you peck me. I love how you tickle me. There's too much to list. But most of all, i love you. I just love everything about you, baby. I dont know what the future holds for us, but i'll love you each and everyday.

Though when the wind is blowing, we'll never fall; Just keep in going. Forever we will stay.


31 July 2010.
So, today went school for DNT lesson. Left lesson at 12pm. Went to the hall and meet Weeza, Danish and Yasir to watch Sonore rehearsal. Homed at 1230pm. Changed, ate and Love picked me up. Left to Bishan. Collected Love's phone. Then sat awhile at KFC. Around 3.30pm, left to Bugis. Bought my watch. But all not niceeee. So, at last just bought on plain one. This time i bought the round frame. Though i really like the previous watch but well, just like how i moved on with life, there's how i should move on with my watch. Hehe. Then met Akmal, Haziq, Hariez, Yazid and Firas at Peninsula. Walked to Raffles City. Had Burger King, like at last can eaaaaat. :D Took train. Walked to Woodlands Mart. Bought drink. Then while me and Love was sitting, Mum called. Asked to follow her to CWP. So, me and Love walked to bustop. Salam salam, talked and stuffs. Love took 913 bus. Alighted at CWP interchange. Then he did pranked me something, AGAIN. -.- make me paisey only. Alamaaak, cekik darah. Hahha. Then shopped with mum and bro. Mcd. Homed. (:

In my head, i see you all over me.


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