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Aug 18, 2010 | 8:35 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Sigh. Now, i believe that Karma is true. It happened right infront here. And now, they got it wrong about me. I didnt mean it that way, literally. He misunderstood me. -.- But well, let time get them over it.

You know its such a sad thing, that things changes in a blink of eye. People change, feelings fade. Like you've treasured that particular thing for about 3 years? Then when everything changes cause something new came around, you felt left out. Such a pity isn't it? For them, it's a small matter. But for us, its quite a big deal. Wasnt 2N2 where we became close and bond together? Now, look look look. You're all busy with new friends. ): I didnt say you guys cant mixed togther. But dont forget us the old ones. Its sad to hear you saying, "Oh, no more. Now its only (this particular group)." Like as if you dont care about us anymore. So, what? You expect us to plan this alone? Go out with our friend and you go out with your friends? To be honest, you guys changed alot. ALOT. And that what hurts the most.

Anyway, today's FIRAMIN180807 3rd year anni. :O Well, thats past. From now on, I'm looking forward to my days with Love. A better day, a better memories. He might have hurt me over time but as people say, love is blind. I'm willing to forgive and forget. To admit, he's so much diff now compared to 3 years ago. So much funny, so much understandable, so much lame. And I'll love him each and everyday without fail. True enough. To get something you never have, you gotta lose something thats in your grasp. And of course, it's much better than what you lose. He could have left me, I chose to replace him with Satria. And replace Satria with Aizat. It took quite sometime for me to get over. But when he came begging for a chance, he promised to change. And he did, Im glad. (: Baby, I promise to make you happy. I'll try my best. I promise to love you out of every moment. Every single moment with you, I'll cherish and treasure it. We might quarrel for a hundred time, misunderstanding occurs a thousand time but i wouldnt wanna swap you with anyone even if it means they're so much better than you. It makes the whole thing so much better when my mum had slowly tried to accept you. From now onwards, I vow, you're the only one in my heart. No others. Just you, kay Love? *hugs*

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