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Aug 23, 2010 | 6:12 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Wazzzzzzup! :D Im so happy today cause nothing ruins my mood. (Y) It was a cooling morning. Like usual, Love picks me up and off to school. Then sit around with his other friends. Morning assembly is always noisy, everyone nags so much. -.- Reading period so sleeeeeepy. ): I really feel like standing up and walk away. Naseb baek puase, kene sabar. Had MT lesson. P.E was great today. Played badminton again. For the damn 2 periods, i jumped and ran around. But didnt feel thirsty. Weeee~ So, i manage to fast for the whole day. ;D Maths is no longer bended. It will be swap to Eng assignments. So, Mr Tan took the class. OMG, N-levels in exactly 14 more days. Laju pe time jalan. D: I did the cloze passage on time and after completing it, like usual, tidooo la kan. :P Recess. Eng, went through answers but too tired that i slept. AGAIN. FT period, also sleep. Teehee. I'm such a bad girl today in class. Sleep like pig. O_o Walked home with Love and immediately rush to toilet. My whole face and body so sticky. Eeew! :| I swear i dont wanna go out from the bath room. Best siaaa! :DD Then did my hwks. Then Love text. Wanna meet up. Brought my hwk together. He helped with my corrections. Homed at 5pm. Hmm, sedeh. Prepaid low. Tkde kechings nak top-up. Cepat laa abes N-level. Aku nak keje. Dah rindu dgn CSC. Haha. Kay, im frigging hungry now. Im waiting for Maghrib! :/

Dont compare me. I am who i am, kay. Sarcasm doesnt works on me. Your genereation and my generation is totally different. So, before you ask what i'll be. Ask yourself what your son will be. I'm gonna proof you wrong and i mean it. I really love to see how you choke your words when its time. *winks*

I dont know why as days past by, my love for Amin grows. I love how we could talk + laugh + joke together. I like spending quality time with him. ;D He's so fun to be with. I love him to the fullest, man! *hugs*

I'm selfish; I just want you for myself.


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