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Sep 21, 2010 | 8:22 PM | 0 hearts ♔

But even with one heart, Im able to love you more than each day.

Let's talk about yesterday first okay? Cause I got interesting story. Hahaha, macam makcik makcik pulak. Anyway, yesterday was like damn sleepy for me. I had not been doing work but sleeping like pig. & yesterday during English period was another incident, I have no words to describe on that incident. Like, seriously. We were all slacking & doing our own work like usual. Then the bell rang which means we have to assemble at the hall for a Hari Raya concert. All of us were like excited already. We packed our bags & stood to great Mrs Ng and Mr Ben. Out of sudden, this pungent smell rose out of sudden from the air from the front of the class. Then Salam was walking towards Jamie. Suddenly he exclaimed, "Skirt dier basah lah siol!" Then I looked at Syariza. "Jamie berak!" Syariza was like, "Serious pe? Mane mane??" Then I quickly pulled her hand, "Busok! Keluar cepat, keluar." The last thing I saw was Mr Ben's priceless face. Hahahaha! Kekek giler sia tuh. Furthermore, he was standing right infront of Jamie. Like can you imagine. The smell was teribble man. I am not criticizing or what. But like seriously, its damn smelly. It doesnt smell like the usual waste we usually have. My eyes were already teary, I swear i can just puke out there. So, Syariza and I went to the toilet. After that, we went to the hall. And guess what? She still have the cheek to sit there with the smell that is already arousing. Oh my god. Ape perasaan dier sak? I seriously thinks she doesnt have feelings. If I were her, I would already cry sia. So, Mdm Irda came to her & ask something. Y'know what? She still doesnt want to admit! Mdm Irda was talking to her sonething. Jamie stood and everyone could see her wet skirt & the boys was so bad for jeering and making fun of it. Mdm Irda, screamed and everyone like totally shut the fuck up. I felt bad too for laughing but I just could help it to see that she drop 'seketol' of her shit while walking out of the hall. I cant desricbe my feeling. Then things started to settle down. After the concert, we went home. Love & me planned to watch Haunted Changi at Yishun, NorthPoint. But found out that NorthPoint's GV was upgrading. Wanted to go CWP's Cathay but all the movie boring. End up went CCK, Lot 1 & watch Step Up 3. The story was awesome. The main actor, handsome bodooooh. :P I like the part where it shows all sorts of shoes. Niceeee, Sarah mesti suke! Hahaha. After the movie, went Old Chang Kee's & trained to Admiralty. Met the rest to go Muzaffar's open house. Homed at 9pm. & you know whaaaaaaaaat? When I reached home, there were lots of shoes outside. I knew it was my brother's friends coming for Raya. But the thing is... He was there. Yeah, Salihin. My first ex (but it was just a puppy love). -.- I suddenly felt so uncomfortable in my own house. He keep glancing at me once in a while & we had a few eye contacts which made me moreeee uncomfortable. My mum somemore can disturb me infront of him. Walaozxzxzxz. Then I took for them their group pictures. While waiting for them to get ready, I caught him staring at me. It made me perspire. Quickly, I just snapped the picture. Then all my brother's friends sat at the dining table and I sat at the edge of the sofa. Then from the dining table, he move and sat infront of me at the sofa too! & he smiled at me, I could not do anything but just smile back la. When they leave, I heaved a sigh of relief. But honestly, he looks so different. Very mature in looks. But perangai? Hanya Tuhan saja yang tauuu. :/

I dont know why Im so tired. Maybe I have been sleeping late, talking to Love till late nights. & I hate myself for procastinating so much. Even today, and for the days to come, it feels like I will never have enough rest. So, I promised to myself that from tomorrow onwards, I will come to school with the mentality that I am there to study for the last 13 days & after all that, I can just do whatever I want. Okay, I thinks that's all for today. I'll update again as soon as I can. (:

If I got you in my future, I don't need to worry about the rest.


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