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Sep 13, 2010 | 8:19 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Hi, Bloggers & readers. (: I will make sure/try to update my blog every once a week kay? Love also said it's like berabok ready. Haha. So, today was the first day of school after Hari Raya. So far, my collection still havent reached $100. ))): Cause many relative's place have not visited yet. Furthermore, my father's side so little. Boohoo. D: Gyni kene tunggu lame siket lah nak beli hp baru. Sodeeeeh. :/ So, school was always boring like usual. I bet no student will say that's school is a fun place. Even if, we know we're looking forward to friends. Not lessons. Hahahaaha! P.E was crappy. (eh, rhyme laa!) heheehe. We played rugby. Pass the ball to one another. Macam takde life. Takde bende lagy fun pe, Mr Teo? -.- Then had Maths, which i was literally looking forward to. Of course laa, its been almost a month we missed Maths lesson. Dah jelak tgk si muke Tan Hap Yu. Tak abes abes dgn merepek dier. :| Sorry eh, mengumpat jap. Recess wasnt what i really looked forward to. I dont know why. ): I just missed the burger, thats all. But thats no burger today. Boohoo again! D: English lesson swap to Maths. I really wanted to do the w/s given. But ended up, sleeping. Then during FT period, watch the movie, Freedom Writer's. After school, went lepak with Love cause pathetically only Sarah & I went school today. Cling kte laen sume pemalaaaaaaas! :P Okay, enough about school. Next N-level paper is just in 21 more days. Like wtf, wtf? But its alright. I'm gonna fuck this 3 weeks so hard. Then i just had to sit for the paper. & Wallaa~ I can say goodbye to N-level. I just realise too. Hari raya is celebrated annually but N-level, I can only sit for once. Just once out of all the time in my life. So, im gonna do the best i can. Jiayou, firaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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