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Sep 9, 2010 | 6:18 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Im dehyrated. ): Ble nak buke niiiiiiiii? Hmm, I should have my period today but maybe Allah wants me to complete the last puase today. (;

So, yesterday Love and me went to Geylang as my mum kirem some stuffs. Emy should tag along but she was broke and all. So only two of us went. We met at 5pm. Trained to Paya Lebar. Walked around to find some plastic flowers. We turned around the place like several times sia. Tiring. :/ Then Love wanted to break fast LJS. So, we went to buy water to break our fast. Continue finding the pastic flowers and some stuffs. Went LJS at around 8pm. Trained to Admiralty. Slacked till 1030pm. & jeng jeng jeng. ;DD Homed.

Today will be last day of Ramadhan. Time flies so fast, without we noticing it. Well, I just pray and hope that Allah will accept my good deeds for this whole month of Ramadhan. & not forgetting to forgive my sins as Im just another imperfect creature in this place called Earth.

Frankly speaking, i dont have the mood to raya this year. With N-level around the corner. Family problems & all that stuffs. It seems like something's missing in place. But i hope that I'll meet next year Syawal which is better, hopefully. Despite all that, Im so grateful that I'll be celebrating raye with Aminudin Bin Abdul Aziz. :DD B, you know that i love you all this while. *xoxo*

You are my strength but without you, that's where my weaknest come from.


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