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Nov 7, 2010 | 3:20 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Shalalalala~ Wee, Imma happy girl today. Cause firstly, boyf and me okay already. Secondly, mum just bought me a dress. & thirdly, my borther went out so I can surf the net as long as I want. Nyeahahahaha! Eh, Im not being stingy or selfish okay. But just imagine lah. Yesterday, I wanted to use the net for like freaking 5 mins then he pushed me & scolded me vulgarities. Like kurang ajar kn. Then in the afternoon, I asked for him a favour to accompany me to Woodlands Mart & he said, "Lazy ah." NB lazy pig. Urgh, sorry for my language. But when it comes to my brother, I cant help it seriously. So eventually, I had to carry those heavy groceries on my own. Damn heavy okay, I had a few plastic bags. Tak percaye, tanye Izzuan. Haha, cause we bumped into each other. Hmm, I think I can grow muscles already sia. Today, followed mum to shopping and yes, another few plastic bags. -.-

So, yesterday was Deepavali. Didnt went anywhere. Just to work with gfs. I dont why I kept making mistakes the past two days. Alot of times kena tegur. Prolly, my mind was somewhere else. O_o Sooooo, I told mum when I get my pay I'll treat the family Pizza Hut's. But yeah, waiting for my salary. Maybe next week? Hmm, Cik Is also asked. Haha, dont know le. My salary not even like five hundred bucks. :P

Yeyey, next week will be last week of bridging. So fast time flies~ Looking forward to SC camp. And few outings. Hmm hmm. Okay, I should go do my prayers now & then, sleep. I got my homeworks to do some more tonight.

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