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Oct 13, 2010 | 8:19 PM | 0 hearts ♔

Weeeee~ Holidays is here again. So, I've finished my N-levels. And blink blink, everything seems to ends so fast. ): Whatever it is, 4N3 will always be in my heart.

Yesterday, at 11am Love picked me up from home. We went to watch the guys play soccer at Fico. Dilly dally and reached there at around 2pm. Camwhore with Sarah & Weeza. And yeah, it was overall fun la. They ended soccer at around 6.30pm. Went JP and had LJS. Didnt have enough money to eat. So, baby treat again. I feel so bad. ): At first, I didnt want to eat but he force me to. Caring eh dier? Sayang b! :DD Train was damn packed and homed at 9pm. And today was he's first day of work. ;D

B, y'know what? I wished I'd had the reason why I love you so much. When you talk about the future and all, I realise I really cant wait to start a life with you. Though deep down, through my own experiences, I dont really have the confidence that it will happen next ten years but you always assure me that we can make it. And I would imagine us, I could see us together. But in between the long run, I know its not going to be easy. But for whatever it is, I will stay as long as you try kay?.

Tomorrow, planned to go Paya Lebar with Sarah & Weeza. Then watch movie, Charlie St. Cloud. Yey! Cant wait to see Zac Efron. On Friday to Sunday, I'll be starting working at Pizza Hut's CSC again. OMG, I hope nothing changes there. Hmm hmm. Or else, it be so weird for me to move around. Okay laa, chiowzxzx!

When your heart starts functioning for someone too much, your brain starts to malfunction too much too.


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