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Oct 23, 2010 | 9:51 PM | 0 hearts ♔

So, today was ADSS Graduation Day. Love fetched me from school as per normal. Assemble at 7.30am. Went up the hall and prepared for the ceremony to start. Somehow, Mrs Sam spoilt the mood by nagging and nagging on our last day. Macam fuck. It started at around 815am. Principle & GOH gave short speech(luckily). Then each one of us has to go up the stage to receive a token. Yeah, boring is the word. TOO formal.

When it showed the class slideshow by Mdm Irda, I almost wanted to cry but
managed to hold it back. Then when Weeza and I saw Wan's picture, we was like "Waaaan!" then we laughed and cried at the same time. Hahhahah! Of course it quite touching to see the replay of our memories together. Its been 2 years together, 4N3. I admit the first half of the year, we didnt really bond together. But after Mdm Irda came back, we was quite close. Like as in the Chinese can mix around with the Malays. But in the long run, there were a few misunderstandings and conflicts that happened. This year, during the class cheering competition, I could see we began to bond again. I was happy that I could design for the class tee again for the last year. And though we didnt won, we knew we were satisfied with our efforts. 4N3, it has been a wonderful 2 years with you guys. We might sleep in class, misbehave, scream here and there, defiant and all that stuff but at the end of the day, we know we appreciate what our teachers have done for us. To those who attended the Graduation Day thanks so much for willing to spend the last time with the class and Mdm Irda. Though we didnt had the chance to take the last picture together, the memories we had will last. And to my chubby babi partner, Wei Jie, I will miss your idiotic face and sitting beside you. Must remember the 'seaweed' joke kay? And miss me like I'll miss you kay. D:
To 1N2/2N2'08 class, you guys are awesome to the max! I swear 2N2 is the best class I've ever had. Each of us were so close together. I really hope one day we could make a 2N2 reunion again with Ms Calmela. Haha, stay awesome people. :D Joan, dont forget 'good student' okay? xD

My dearest girlf, it has been a great time with you all. The times we share, those stupid jokes we laugh about. And though we had some problems with some people at the very end, we still managed to have fun. Y'know I was just wondering, afterwards when each of us has separated and go to different routes, will we still remember all the things we used to talk about? Would all the jokes we once laugh over, will still be funny still? And most importantly, would we able to remember how close we once were together? I was hard for me to predict but I think, we could still make time for each other some time. I just hope we can still spend time together. Like flying kites, watching movies, being foolish, go shopping and all the things we had did. It was sad to know that we'll go on different ways right? It seems like time flies too fast. I could still remember going to school on the first day with Hanisah, Ayumi and Efa. Everyone was like totally strangers. Then we start to find new friend, start to mix around we didnt realise it had been 4years past. Once we all was like, "Eh, when sia can gradutae from this shitty school? No ankle socks la, SST la, bullshit la." And when it's time to leave, "It's time. So sad to see everyone leaving sia." Hahaha, but girls. Really, thank you for all the wonderful memories. I know there are times we'll quarrel cause misunderstanding happens. But other than that, we had more fun time that the bad time together. Aku saaaaaaayang korg, pantat!!

For my boyf. You and I knew how we started off. Its been a great time with you throughout this 4years. And yeah, it was also a bitter one for me. Still cant forget how we got together. Then when we couldnt make it, but we tried again and again you broke my heart. After it was twice, we didnt talk for about a year. But out of blue, you tried to contact me back. Wanted a third chance but neh, I had someone in mind at that point of time. Still, we were friends. But honestly, even at that point of time when I rejected you, I knew inside of me there was a tiny little feeling that I tried to deny. Cause you & I knew that above all our other r/s, we had the longest one together. Maybe that was why I still had that tiny feelings for you. When my ex left, you was there. You was still there for me. And maybe, between the long talks, stupid little fights and all our lame jokes, that tiny feeling began to bloom. I knew my feelings grow for you. Baby, & I still know that till now that feeling still grow. I just hope that this time could make it through our moments of roller coaster rides together. It isnt gonna be easy, I know. But as long as we try, I'll stay. You're the best thing that ever happen to me so I dont wanna lose you. I dont really care where you wish to go next year, though I knew and have the feelings that you could make it to Sec 5, but just remember one thing. Whatever you do, you dont hafta worry cause I'll be here supporting you.

Thanks guys for the memorable 4years in secondary school life. :DD

Love, Musfira.


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