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Jan 23, 2011 | 12:12 PM | 0 hearts ♔
It's been a long time since I blogged. I'm sorry that I abandoned this blog but time doesnt allow me to post so much. So, its this is my first post in 2011. It's the 4th week of January already. Sigh.

On New Year's Eve, went down to Serangoon Nex in the evening to buy school bag but nothing really caught my eye. So, went back empty handed. Then headed to CWP & watch the fireworks. It was quite nice & it lasted about 5-7 minutes.

2nd January, was Love's birthday. So planned with Rafiq to give him a surprise after their futsal at Fico. Bought him a simple cake & a wallet. Had our dinner at JP. Then, went home after something happened. But yeah, shouldnt mention much about it cause Im over it. (:

4th Jan was first day of school. Kinda excited for a new class, new year, new environment. But was a little upset that Love & I didnt talk for days. Well, the start of 2011 was not really nice though. But its okay, there's always ups & downs, I believe. I just had to look at the brighter side. ;D

Fast forward.

Had our HBL last Wednesday. And Im happy that I've completed it. Except for DNT. :/ Mdm Woo keep asking to rush for our Design Journal but she didnt help us on what to do. Piker kite ni tau everything pe? I can literally die every lessons of DNT without Mr Soh. I want Mr Soh back, MTF!

Oh, its a boring Sunday today. I guess I shall do my Journal then. I ate alot last two days, so shall go for a jog in the evening. I miss Syariza, Afiq.Amin, Salam & Danish. I miss 4N3. 5N2 feels so 'dull'. Thought Im in the same class with Sarah & Amin but its different.. Without the Chinese guys making alot of fuss & Ayumi shouting across the class. Having Danish & his stupid jokes. Plus, seeing the whole class having their heads on the table & sleeping like nobody's business. Tsk, guess gotta adapt myself fast to the new environment. Till here kay. Will update soon again.

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