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Feb 14, 2011 | 9:37 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Suppp, everyone! It was a tiring day today. Sigh ):
It all started when I was in Maths class and Sarah was like, "see whats underneath your table." A yellow plastic bag. I knew it was my birthday present. So, I thanked her and she was like, " Thank me for what. Open up ah. A purple box with a card and it reads,
"Happy 7-teenth birthday. Hope you'll like the present. With love, Aminudin."

I swear at that point of time, there were many question marks in my head, I was like dying for an explanation. I cant seemed to wipe off the smile from my face. You see, I had a few conflicts with Amin, so we didnt really talk for almost 2 weeks. And to be honest, we were on the verge of breaking up. So, when I received the present I didnt know how to react. He was like behind me some more at that point of time. So, Sarah told me everything. And I thank him for the present. So at night, we somehow talked and settle things right. Yeah, I was happy to get to celebrate my birthday again with him after 3 years. And all this while, I only celebrated my birthday its either being single or with him. So, it was like *i dont know whats the word* HAHAHA.

On Saturday planned to meet Amin but he wanted to go out to town. I ended up going to the hair saloon instead. Cut my hair short and trimmed my frindge. I love my frindge lah, bodoh. Please dont grow, pleaseeee.

On Sunday went to Woodlands Waterfront with my babygirls. Planned to fly kite but no one has a kite. HAHA. In the end we did some catching up with each other talking, joking and camwhore. My twin baby, made me a Nutella cake full of M&M! Nice~ Then we ordered pizza to fill our empty stomachs. Left at 7pm and home sweet home.

& today, Praveen make my day by giving me jellybeans for my belated present that I've been craving for the past donkey years. I didnt know where to get jellybeans. So now that I've already got it, Im as happy as king! Hehehehe. Kay bye, nak chillaxzxzxz~

Happiness always comes last. That's why medicine tastes bitter.


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