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Mar 17, 2011 | 11:55 AM | 0 hearts ♔

I was supposed to be at school today for DNT class. I was supposed to meet the rest at 10am but to my shock, I woke up to see the the time was 1030! I didn't want to go class cause the 5Ns not coming, only the 4Es. And I wanted to skip myself from doing house chores! At the right time, coincidentally, my cousin texted me to buy for her something so I ended up truant and here I am slacking her place. I am meeting Weeza at 1pm at BNS and gonna have fun with Mai too at Waterfront park. Then at 4pm, I have to buy for my cousin a birthday cake for her friend. And then I think I'll go home and touch up on my design journal.

Last night we had a secret meeting at Woodlands, Al-Ameen. So everything planned and said. Let's just see what's next. Anyway, I had Naan last night. I guess I was too full that when I reached home my stomach was too bloated I thought my tummy was gonna burst any moment. I went toilet and it was becoming from bad to worst. Then I tried to put ointment and it was to no avail. I fell asleep while texting Love and I guess he's mad at me. I tried to put myself back to to sleep but my tummy was like poking me through. I applied more ointment and this time round it felt better. I fell asleep at around 3plus. It was a relief that my tummy felt better when I woke up.

As for tomorrow I'll be completing my homework. Oh God, Sec 5 seriously like no life.

It was never my intention.


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