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Mar 21, 2011 | 3:23 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Remember the other day I metioned that I skipped my DNT lesson and went over to my cousin's place then in the afternoon I met my girfriends at the Waterfront Park?

I've always love my contacts. Y

Everytime I do this, it reminds me of Edsel.

This is my girlfriends.

This is love.

This is everything.

Weeza: "Cepat lah geli lah!"
Then we started laughing.

And still laughing..

Mai: "Sini lah, b. Nak amek gambar."

Okay, everyone's here. SMILE!

Mai: "Rambot you tak betol."
Fira: "Eee, budak busok sebelah aku."

Take two!

Look at our eyebrows!
Look at Mai's! HAHAHHAHAH.

So, we left at about 5 plus and it was a good day. Looking forward to another outing, maybe a triple date next week, celebrate all our anniversaries together! YEY, aku tak sabar. HEKHEKHEK :B
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