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Dec 11, 2011 | 10:43 PM | 0 hearts ♔
Let's name him, AN? HAHAHAHA so secretive. But I'm contacting him now. And I think............. I like him. No, I don't mean that emotional attached kind of liking. It's like, I love talking to him. He's a senior from my school. Graduated few years back. He's really a joker sia. We can text the whole day and talk crap all the way, make fun with each other. Yknow it's not like that normal texting I get. Like what i'm doing or have i eaten, yada yada yada.... It's like... Jokes all the way. And my mum saw me smiling by myself thrice and she was like, ''You crazy ah?''

Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!! It all started when I finished my History paper that afternoon and bumped into him at the traffic light near my block. We smiled at each other and walked away. He then wall post me at FB. I replied to his post then we left off. Coincidentally, the next following week I bumped into him at a junction while he was riding a bike. I didnt recognised him the first place. He stopped by the road and called me out then i just grinned at him. He wall post me again and because of that, we hit 40+ comments, talking crap. Aku pon taktau dari mana epok epok, jual keropok, kucing dier sume terkeluar. Then we exchanged number through fb msg.

But seriously what is god trynna show? How can i bumped into him twice in 3 weeks. Isnt it funny? Yeahhh im curious, man.

Me waiting for his text now! Hiok hiok hiok

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